World’s Largest and Most Advanged Aircraft Engine Test Center by Rolls-Royce

World’s Largest and Most Advanged Aircraft Engine Test Center by Rolls-Royce

One of the world’s largest aircraft engine manufacturers Rolls-Royce, is ready to open world’s largest indoor aircraft engine test center Testbed 80. The company which manufactures the engines for aircraft such as Boeing 787 and Airbus 380, has 17 factories worldwide. Testbed 80 is located in Derby city in England. The test center was built on 7500 square meters and took 3 years to built.

Testbed 80 is the world’s largest engine test center and also it has the world’s most advanced technology. One of them is the ”engine x-ray machine”, which is the first in the world. 30 different images which belongs the interior of the engine can be obtained per second by this x-ray machine. Equipped with state of the art devices, the test center also has a 140,000 liter fuel tank.

Firstly, Rolls-Royce Trent XWB engine has been tested in Testbed 80 successfully. Testbed 80 provides 1,3 billion data per minute by collecting different parameters from the engines. Testbed 80 will allow extensive development and testing of aircraft engines. Testbed 80’s data systems have much higher capacity than Rolls-Royce’s current test environments. The construction of this state of the art test center cost approximately 90 million Sterling.

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