Business Jet Rental

Hiring Business Jet Charter for business peoples or excutives looks like extravagence. But in fact getting service from us can be more cost effective than flying in first class. Businesss Jet Charter can cut journey time up to half by avoiding crowded terminals, security lines, boarding procedures and traffic on route to the commercial airports

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Frequently Asked Questions

Business Jet Charter

Jets Turkey has strong relations with the jet owner companies since 2005. So we know the sector and we have several alternatives which can handle our high level standarts. Business Jet Rental is important for us. We are always on time but in Business life we know time is more important. So we pay more attention to choose the jets. You can find some alternatives for Business Jets Models in our web page.

If we have availabilty yes you can hire business jet at the same date. For emergency requires please contact with us over the telephone.
When you charter a business jet that is going to be with you till to the end of your business trip. When You are getting your reservation we will ask your routes and we will plan the rest of it.
We have several alternatives in our fleet. Some of them have internet, some of them not. We will going to inform you about it when you are getting your reservation.

Some Business Jets which has a large cabin sizes have special meeting rooms. Light and Midsize Jets doesn't have a special meeting area. You need to look Heavy Jets. If you need to have a meeting with your colleagues in jet please let us know so we will plan a jet as your wishes.


Sometimes we can handle last minutes change but especially in high seasons programs are strict. What we can do if we can't postpone your flight with the same jet, we will offer you another alternative to solve the problem. Ofcourse if there isn't program for the same jet we can easily wait you.
We have alternatives in menü. Our concierge department will contact you about your dinner menü. And you can choose from the menü alternatives.