The Effect of the Covid-19 Epidemic on the Aviation Industry

The Effect of the Covid-19 Epidemic on the Aviation Industry

Covid-19 epidemic has affected the whole world for more than one year. The most affected sectors by this epidemic are the tourism and aviation industry undoubtedly. Covid-19 epidemic has changed all our travel habits unfortunately.

People all over the world canceled their travels to protect themselves from the epidemic and the countries closed their borders. Flights almost all over the world have been canceled and most of airlines could not operate domestic and international flights for a long time.

Because of Covid-19 epidemic, aviation industry faced with a major decline. It is estimated that the flights in 2020 decreased by approximately %80 compared to 2019. And also with this pandemic, air traffic has declined to levels approximately 30-35 years ago. However, there has been a big increase in air cargo transportation. Transport of medical supplies between most countries has been effective in this air cargo transportation increase. Around 10 million people work worldwide in the aviation industry. Airline companies and employees are having bad days with these developments in aviation industry because of epidemic. Most of airlines are on the brink of bankruptcy and they had to lay off many pilots and employees. This decline in the aviation industry has also affected aircraft manufacturers and a major decline occurred them too. Aircraft manufacturers had to lay off many employees too in this process.

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