Skytrax Gave Qatar Airways 5 Stars

Skytrax Gave Qatar Airways 5 Stars

Skytrax gave Qatar Airways 5 stars for its Covid-19 safety rating. Qatar Airways became the first global airline in the world which received 5 stars in this rating. This rating is one of the most prestigious safety ratings in the aviation industry.

Qatar Airways earned 5 stars after a serious and in-depth review of Covid-19 related hygiene and safety standarts. This rating shows that Qatar Airways strict adherence to Covid-19 hygiene and safety procedures. Also in December 2020, Hamad International Airport was also awarded 5 stars by Skytrax in the Covid-19 Airport Security rating in the Middle East and Asia. Hamad International Airport is the first airport in this region which receive this award.

Qatar Airways has been working diligently to protect the health and safety of passengers since the pandemic began. This award is a good indicator of this. Qatar Airways has delivered more than 3 million passengers safely to their destinations since the pandemic began.

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