Lufthansa Prepares to Perform its Longest Flight

Lufthansa Prepares to Perform its Longest Flight

Lufthansa which is a German Airline prepares for the longest flight in its history. Lufthansa will fly directly from Hamburg to Falkland Islands on 01 February, and this flight will take 15 hours without any stopover. Approximately 90 passengers have already booked for this flight.

Lufthansa plans to perform this long flight with Airbus A350-900 aircraft. And the length of the track is about 13.700 kilometers. Lufthansa organized additional training for the pilots prior to this flight. This training was carried out using special electronic maps for flight and landing. The plane will remain closed before leaving Hamburg and additional cargo that has been disinfected in detail will be loaded to the plane.

The longest flight is between Papeete and Paris until today. The lenght of this track is 16.129 kilometers. The French Bee Airline operated this flight in May 2020 and it took total 16 hours and 49 minutes.

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