Lufthansa Establishes a New Airline

Lufthansa Establishes a New Airline

Lufthansa which is a German Airline company is establishing a new airline. Lufthansa announced that they changed the name of the new airline previously announced as ”Ocean” to ” Eurowings Discover”.

This new airline will become a holiday airline and will fly to long-range destinations. Lufthansa plans to put into operation Eurowings Discover holiday airline in the summer of 2021. This new airline was established to bring together long-range leisure flights operated by Lufthansa’s other sub-brands under one roof.

Approximately 300 perople were hired for this new airline in the first place. Eurowings Discover is planned to transport tourists to long-range destinations such as Punto Cana and Zanzibar with 3 Airbus 330 aircrafts from June 2021.

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