Long-range Business Jet by Dassault Aviation

Long-range Business Jet by Dassault Aviation

Although civil aviation sector is one of the most affected sector by the pandemic, the developments in this period increased the demand for private jets. People whose flights were canceled and who wanted to return to their countries, or people who did not want to fly with others in the same aircraft they started to prefer to fly by renting private jet.

Despite the pandemic, important developments continue to occur in the private jet sector. One of these important developments; Dassault Aviation introduced its new business jet ‘’Dassault Falcon 6X’’ to the world. Due to pandemic, Dassault Aviation introduced the Dassault Falcon 6X by social media on Dec 2020 in Bordeaux France. They would almost break a record with this broadcast on social media.

Test flights of Dassault Falcon 6X planned to begin in 2021. It has been designed as a long-range business jet and it has 16 passengers capacity.  Its cabin is 12.3 meter long, 1.98 meter high and 2.58 meter wide. Dassault Falcon 6X has the widest cabin among business jets. It has 29 windows and 1 wonderful skylight. Dassault Falcon 6X has a range of approximately 10.186 km and can reach a speed of 1100 km per hour. It will be the most popular business jet among businessmen.

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