GKN Aaerospace Introduced the Skybus

GKN Aaerospace Introduced the Skybus

The number of companies investing in flying cars is increasing day by day. While the interest and investment in flying cars is increasing, now flying buses are waiting for us. GKN Aerospace recently introduced its electrical flying bus. The company named this flying bus as ” Skybus”.
These flying buses will have a passenger capacity of between 30-50 people and will be used for transportation over short distances. Thus, an interesting alternative in urban transportation and aviation is waiting for us.
This flying bus project has developed for the ‘Future Flight Challenge’ event in United Kingdom. The flying bus is planned to make the public transportation in the city affordable, fast and efficient. In addition, trafric on the roads will be reduced and more space will be made available for vehicles. This project is a concept design for now, and we are looking forward to hear the developments about this flying bus project.


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